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Jessica dating netizenbuzz, saturday october 25 2014

Jessica dating netizenbuzz

Tell me why Taeyeon is not close with Jessica anymore? It's sort of a big deal for a lot of people to meet celebs. Popular Tags Blog Archives.

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Jessica dating netizenbuzz

Did she introduce him to Jessica? Jessica did not sue the company, in fact she recently renewed her contract. And Jessica has always been one of the most popular in Korea and internationally, she definitely has some credit. These rumors came out around November, everyone knows she's been dating. If she was dating she wouldn't denied it.

China is the place to earn money, a lot of kop stars and k actors and actresses are going to China to film and hold concerts, because the money they earn is much higher in China compared to korea. Tbh, they are probably not sones, just nameless and faceless people trying to stir things up. Um, Jessica literally grew up with most of Super Junior. Maybe they are just hating because no matter what, they won't even get a chance to glance at these stars.

Fellow sone, what to expect don't take things so hard it is bad for health. Tbh the hate is getting ridiculous considering how she isn't in soshi anymore. That's one fine slice of man pie. Even the brand li-ning that she currently endorses said that they'll continue supporting her. You can't do both Sica its business or your original job.

Hol They're short shorts, it's true that they've always showed skin. Looks just like friends going shopping together. It's very dumb of her to be dating a cheater. She did that and they're writing about how selfish she is for leaving her Korean fans. There's no point in hiding which is something that knetz especially on this article can't seem to understand.

Netizen Buzz Jessica and Tyler

That picture proves nothing to some and some fans don't even believe it. This type of hate is uncalled for and she is just being silent. This is also a video with Hyoyeon and her boyfriend Kim Jun Hyung. Be mature and use logical thinking, its not just what she stated on weibo that she got kicked out with unfair reason.

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  1. This literally proves nothing.
  2. You would think that she would date someone good looking, but this dude is ugly.
  3. What is this netizen trying to prove here?
  4. But I'm afraid it will cause people to dig more shits up.
  5. Most of us actually still support her along with the rest of the members.

Anyway, we'll never know the truth. No Jessica I expect you to dating a hottie rich handsome tall guy. The funny thing is they once supported her.

  • Do you know him personally?
  • The minute you take a side you are alr exhibiting a bias behaviour so pls don't act all self righteous.
  • Great eye smile, pretty, beautiful body.
  • Really, she should be able to date anyone she pleases.

You're very naive if you think that Jessica is the sole person at fault in this mess. Netizens are so mad and jealous and care. Anything is plausible but most likely it's that their personalities are just not compatible with each other. They just told us what we already knew.

Netizen Buzz Jessica and Tyler

They also didn't defend her when she got kicked out. That would've been fucking devasting so i'm glad ppl are leaning towards snsd than jessica even though i love her. They're making such a big deal about Gillian Chung, because he used to live with his ex-girlfriend.

In the Media Jessica Netizen Buzz
Jessica dating netizenbuzz

People need to stop getting their mind clouded with hatred. Even you are so convinced that you know what happened, but what do you even really know about the situation? Krystal doesn't need to have a Weibo though? So what if it's not in Korea?

But how can she attend any korean promotion when she's don't even have any korean works for her. They lied and said they all are friends, but clearly that is a lie. Again, red velvet's seulgi, dating long story short and seohyun are involved in a host of five years? Oh wait that is exactly what happened.

Im tired of all your shit. And quite frankly, if a member of my group was doing what she was doing, I'd be upset too. The netizens really just need to suck it up and move on. These Knetz flame Dispatch but they should flame themselves. Actual proof means they're caught on a date or something, not really strolling around a mall in San Francisco.

For those of you who don't know, Gillian Chung is a Cantonese singer. They're probably not dating. Yoona was caught in a parking lot with her boyfriend. They're so insane it almost makes me laugh. Jessica is more likely to announce these kind of things herself.

So why did the decide to kick out Jessica knowing the consequences that'll happen? Just want to throw it out there that it takes two hand to clap in every situation. So, uh, keep being pressed I guess?

Maybe yonghwa and requests to see them dating some abusive man, fans re-actions differ. User posted image more info can be found here httpnetizenbuzz. Netizenbuzz hyoyeon dating Who is sam on general hospital dating. Agree with koala and some other posters from netizenbuzzthis. That would mean each and every one of them should apologize.

But i thought were allowed to talk about. Song Hye Gyo smiles in glamrous new photo update. Like what is with this kind of mindset in Korea. They people are giving me a headache.

She needs them at first, but she was kicked. Hyoyeon releases teaser for solo track Mystery Netizen Buzz. She's publicly greeting her sister a happy birthday, where's the wrong in this? Details Author Write something about yourself. Looks can fade so they mean nothing when it comes to a relationship's stability in the long run.

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Jessica dating netizenbuzz

Saturday October 25 2014

Jessica dating netizenbuzz

How do you know she didn't call? But people have issues with Jessica moving on and doing her thing. They say she isn't relevant without them but they are the ones refusing to let the issue go? My Onsica will never sail ship.

Oh yeah, is Jessica a Korean citizen too or just American? If they get married and she becomes Jessica Kwon, Yulsic shippers will be wetting themselves. Are you Zhai from OneHallyu?

SM denies Jessica s dating rumors with Tyler Kwon Netizen Buzz

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